Get on the wall of fame!


Of course we strive to make the best game possible for our players! Who better to ask for inspiration on what gamers want than you! The gamers! So it has been decided that in the final game, tucked away as an easter egg in the woods of Hanwell, known as Littlewood. There will be a wall of fame. Upon this wall will be the names of contributors immortalized in the digital world of Hanwell. All you have to do is make a suggestion! Simply request a feature you want in the game, if that feature is implemented, your name will be forever on the great wall of Littlewood. There are just four names on this wall thus far. So get to it! Let me know what you want to see in the world of Hanwell and get your name in the game! Making you a very real part of the development of this game! I look incredibly forward to hearing your thoughts!

- Nathan


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